Next Steps

Geraldo Reports is an ambitious project. We want to provide much more than we have done so far. See below the main goals we have to do in the future (and maybe you could help us to reach them early)

Engine API

  • Table band - a band to make it easy to create lists just using tables instead of detail band and lines. Table band must be an alternative to detail band
  • Support canvas draw


  • Generate in ODF formats (ODT and ODS)
  • Generate in HTML
  • Export/import structure to/from an XML format

Third-party tools

  • Have a GUI tool to design reports, if possible to be used in a web browser
  • Have a way to create and print reports using a server, with no low level coding
  • Django pluggable application to create fast reports (currently in development)
  • Have a preview component for GUI applications (GTK/Qt/wxPython)

Other features

  • A better support to images and graphics
  • Map/Reduce generating - split queryset, generate parts in parallel and combine them after all - on one of both ways: local or distributed.
  • Incremental/asynchronous generating - just take advantage of common part and update the changed other part, specially useful when the order is datetime-based.
  • Drill down reports - a link from a report “A” to a report “B”
  • Template system