Geraldo is still not available as an installer or system package. So, you have two ways to install it:

Option 1. Get the latest official version

  1. Get the latest tarball available from:

  2. Then you can do the following steps to install it:


tar xvfz Geraldo-latest.tar.gz
cd Geraldo
sudo python install

This will copy Geraldo’s packages inside Python’s packages path.


If you are using Windows, Geraldo is fully compatible. You just have to use a tarball decompression tool, like 7-Zip which you can download from:

Once you have a tool to decompress tarball files, you have to decompress it, open a DOS Prompt window in the folder you decompress into and run the following command:

python install

Option 2. Get the latest development version

Our version control is centralized on GitHub Social repository, in the following URL:

To get the latest development version from repository server, you will need the Git version control system. Then you can run the following command in Shell or MS-DOS Prompty window:

git clone git://

A folder named geraldo will be in your current path with all Geraldo files inside.

Then you can go ahead and use the same commands from Option 1 to install in your system.



This is required, as you cannot use Geraldo without ReportLab installed.

Get it from the following URL:

The tested version is 2.1.

Python Imaging Library

Geraldo depends on PIL to work with Images manipulation on the canvas. If you aren’t going to use them, you can live without PIL.

To get PIL you can go to the following URL: